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We are writing to express the joy in the work done on our home. This is not limited to Roofing, we also had the House painted and added a new Garage door.

The Langford Family

Home Owner

I am happy to have the Owens Corning Roofing System on our home and having it helps us be more energy efficient. I recommend Green Living CA to anyone interested in roofing or any other home projects.

Julia Rivas


I personally wanted to take the time to compose a testimonial of not only my professional relationships with GreenLiving, but my own personal experience in working with their solar division as well.  As an established Realtor, I have had numerous relations with various solar companies... (Read More)

Britt Davis

Davis Luxury Homes

Attn: Mr. Timothy Harrison, General Manager
Mr. Timothy Harrison, thank you so much for making it possible for us to have a well needed roof on our fifty one year old house at 1455 East 220th St. Carson, California.
As retired seniors living on a fixed income we have been shopping for a good roofing company that would give us the best affordable price with top quality roofing materials that also included all repair and replacement of everything needed to bring the roof to a hundred percent new.

Ernest P. Alegre & Emma Alegre

Home Owner

This is my review of the new roof I had installed by the company called Green Living. They are located in San Diego and Torrance, Calif. I knew I needed a roof on my house because the old one was losing all the small rocks from the shingles. I had watched this company do my next door neighbors house a few months earlier. The shingles and underlayment material were from Owens Corning and looked like a very good product. My neighbor told me it was fifty year shingles they were installing. Also the underlayment product looked different than anything I had ever seen before, it was plastic with a fiberglass mesh inside and a tar of some kind on the bottom side. You couldn't rip or tear this plastic no matter how hard you tried. What a great product to put on under the shingles. I knew this is what I wanted for my house also.

Greg Schnaible, Anaheim, CA

Dear Greenliving: This is my testimonial letter regarding the work that was done at my property in Whittier, I would like to tell you how pleased I was with the whole process. We had our roof repaired by another company and it did not go well. They fixed a roof that needed to be replaced. They did not tell us how bad. Our roof was and could not be repaired. Instead they took our money and the repair was useless. Green living was very honest with us regarding the condition of our roof and the need to replace it.

Kimberly Rangel


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